How to apply

Here are some tips to increase your chances:

1.Prepare carefully the elements allowing you to fill the form on the right:

      a. Curriculum vitae
      b. Your motivational text (500 words maximum) indicating why you think 
           you can be part of this mission

      c. A photo taken from ¾ (as on the front page of the site)

     d. A video presentation of 20 seconds (max) in which you will speak freely              about you, your family, your strengths, your weaknesses, your      
         expectations, your ambitions, …

2. Also take care of the online responses of the form so that they remain consistent with all the other elements of your file

3. Be as spontaneous as possible because at this stage it is first for us to know you personally.

And remember: “We never have twice the opportunity to make a good first impression”